Everything about receiving donations as a livestreamer

It can be difficult for smaller livestreamers to understand why people are donating money. They sometimes feel uncomfortable due to the lack of understanding. They usually have this feeling because they have no plan for these contributions or feel insecure about the content they provide.

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What service should I use for alerts and donations?

People love to see their name on the screen when they follow, subscribe, or contribute with a donation. It also helps you to hype events and maybe even get others to do the same. You do not need to use the same service for both alerts and donations, but it is easier to navigate.

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How to start your own livestream

It is interesting how much the livestreaming scene has grown since I started following it in 2012. More people start streaming daily, especially after some of them have reached celebrity status. The hype around livestreaming is creating more supply than demand as people are beginning to fight for the same viewers.

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