The best place for you to start a livestream

Where should you start a livestream

If you do not already spend time on a specific platform, then you might not know where to start your own brand. In this article will I go over the main 3 sites for livestreaming in 2019 and their 2 main perks.

There is a lot of good and bad in all the sites. You have to pick what works for you.

Twitch – The firstborn streamer site for gamers

Back in 2007, a livestreaming service was made. You could broadcast your webcam and talk with the visitors that came by. As the site evolved, more people started playing video games on the site.

Gameplay became so popular that they started a separated service in 2011 named Twitch. A place meant for gamers to show and watch gameplay. Today is a whole other story, you can watch almost anything!

But what kind of site is it today, what features and possibilities do it provide for a newly started livestreamer?

More than 100 million viewers available

Starting a livestream is usually a lot funnier when there are people in the chat to communicate with. The more viewers you have, the better are your chances to succeed. In the end, the audience will be your customers.

You will be working for the viewers as Twitch favors the already established and viewed streamers. When you search for anything, you see people ordered with the most viewers first. Meaning that you will be at the very bottom starting out.

Low requirements to gain status

It takes little to no effort gaining access to twitch features like subscriptions, chat emotes, and bits. The first accomplishment you can reach is being Affiliated. That requires you stream for at least 8 hours, reach 50 followers and then have 7 streaming sessions with a minimum average of 3 viewers per session.

Should you choose to accept the Affiliate agreement, then you will get a 50/50 deal on subs. You will, however, also be charged for the payment fees, making it more of a lucrative deal for Twitch than you. That does not necessarily mean that you are better off, as it still gives you the ability to earn money and give out perks for those who support you.

Audience interaction and loyalty

There is a lot of different ways that your audience can communicate and interact with your stream. Your viewers can make clips of your good moments for later replay. Once you are Affiliated or Partner, then you can give viewers Loyalty status in the chat with a diamond badge.

Check out Twitch for yourself!

Mixer – The underdog of streaming

As the title suggests, Mixer originally started out by the name Beam. Known for its ability to have little to no latency from the broadcaster to the viewer; often below a second delay. I can not say much about the original site, as I never got to try it out.

It was bought by Microsoft and later re-named to Mixer. Also a platform with a great variety of gameplay. It is not as big of a platform as Twitch, but they have put out some punches lately that show their interest in market shares.

Low competition

Mixer is still the smaller site for livestreamers but is entering a phase of growth. This gives a lot of opportunities to start and grow a brand with them, especially after showing interest in expanding the platform.

Earlier this year, Mixer stroke a deal with Ninja to change from Twitch to their platform, which made a lot of headlines across the community.

Maximum quality

Mixer is currently having the highest allowed bitrate for video quality. They are in the lead with up to 10,000kbit streaming and even states that you can go higher, but you risk that your stream shut off due to server overload.

In comparison, that is 67% higher than Twitch 6,000 recommended maximum bitrate. This allows you to stream with better quality if your pc and internet can cope with this bitrate.

Mixer recommends that your stream takes up less than 75% of your upload speed. If you want to stream with a 10,000 bitrate, you should have a minimum om 13.4mbps upload.

Check out Mixer for yourself!

YouTube – Watching videos in real-time?

YouTube is well known for being the world’s largest video-sharing website. It is also considered the second-largest search engine next to the mother site Google.

A few years ago they made a bid to buy Twitch, but the site ended up selling to Amazon instead. Shortly after they created YouTube Gaming to compete with the Twitch platform. You can find it by looking through the tabs on the left-side menu.

From stream to videos

YouTube gives you a unique possibility to make video-content from the streams and then re-publish them directly to your channel. You can grow your channel even when you are sleeping. If you want simple editing, then YouTube has a built-in video editor.

A small tip is to show the chat on-screen as it will not go along with the videos. This can cause some confusion if you answer chatters.

Search terms give visibility

Even though YouTube is a video-sharing platform, it is also a search engine. A lot of people search for things they would like to see or know more about. This can be used to your advantage by using some SEO-tricks to improve your visibility on specific search terms.

If that made no sense to you, google the term, and you will find a lot of content about this topic. In short, use words in the title and description that people might search for. It will increase your visibility if people use those words.

Check out YouTube Gaming for yourself!


There are a variety of websites to which you can livestream. Twitch is the “oldest” streaming platform out there. YouTube is still trying to figure out how to also be a livestreaming service.

There are other services out there than mentioned here, but these are the main 3 sites that people consider when starting a livestream.

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