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My seed - how you can help!

After several years of gaming and livestreaming did I realised that it was not for me. My passions is not to be in front of the camera multiple hours weekly or daily and decided to go backstage instead. The whole idea of Livestream Guide is to build a platform where you, the livestreamers and content creators, can come to learn more about the business you are in. You can call it a "for streamers by streamers" website as other people will start contributing to the website. I can not do this on my own and need your help!

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As the entire purpose of this website is to help livestreamers the easiest way for you to help is by sharing it with your friends and relations that wants to do livestreaming. Share:

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You have an interesting point of view and want to share it with people. If you have something that is not already covered in the areas you want to write about; feel free to write an article in Word or Google Docs and then send it to us. If we like it then we will ask for the necessary permissions and share it on your behalf - meaning you will be stated as author and linked to through the social buttons below. This content can not me plagiarism of another site, be sure it is your own work! You write on Facebook or Twitter.

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I am currently financing this whole project privately with my own money. This does not mean I need your money to maintain the website, but money could help me run advertisements and distributing the website for more people to find it. If you have the means, and want to support financially, please transfer money to the following information. I ask of you to include in the statement that it is a donation, as those are not taxed in Sweden. Thank you!

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