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Welcome to the new Twitch VIPs status

Twitch released a new chatter rank by November 2018; where streamers can select a handful of their most loyal or important viewers to have a unique badge in their chat. VIP status is a unique rank made by Twitch and will be the same throughout all channels as it can not be edited or modified in any way. Having the VIP status gives the chatters a variety of exclusion from Twi...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. December 1st, 2018

Are you distributing your content to other channels?

As important that it is for you to livestream and manage it when being offline, just as important is it that you distribute your content through channels where people can find you. There are several ways you can use your livestream material to gain exposure on other media. If you are following big streamers with an organization behind them, it is possible you have noticed ho...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. November 30th, 2018

Have a clean webcam

First of all, I would like to address that not all livestreams are required to have a webcam to become successful. This has already been proven by channels like @Lirik. Now you need to know that statistics show that people prefer to watch a livestream with a webcam, as it makes the livestream more personified around you. If you have decided not to have a webcam or to use a g...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. November 25th, 2018

OBS: Understand the canvas setup

You have decided to try out livestreaming and after a little research you ended up downloading OBS. Now you are trying to figure out how to get everything on to the canvas looking great before starting your first livestream or recording. In this article you learn about the basic functionality and how to use it to your advantage. We will create a simple layout to show the bas...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. November 24th, 2018

OBS: How to get started

As you decide to start livestreaming, you need a program that transfers your content to the host. One of the more commonly used software is developed by Open Broadcaster Software, which is called "OBS" for short. We are going to have a look at the settings and options. Before we dig into the actual setup, lets first understand the software itself. Back in the day, you had a...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. November 22nd, 2018

All you need to know about PayPal donations and oppositions

Before you read this article, it is important to notice and clarify that no information in this text is written by a lawyer or advocate. Laws, regulations or region policies can change, vary or otherwise turn to your disadvantage. We highly recommend you to speak with a professional, lawyer or a legal institution for general advice. There are methods to abuse the system or othe...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. November 21st, 2018

How to create and use a Facebook page

It is never too early to start appointing your followers and viewers and turn them into "customers". In this case, a customer is a person who is or later on will subscribe to you or otherwise financially support you in other ways than donations. The reason donations are not interpreted as a product or service to the viewers, if because of its free of will gift to you. You shoul...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. November 17th, 2018

Improve your livestream by viewing your VODs

When you are livestreaming, quality is essential for you to keep your viewers. It is also important to understand that quality content does not necessarily mean quality image or well-balanced sound. It is a mix of everything from image, voice, sound, overlay and background noise. The clearer and well balanced it is, the better the quality. When you are re-watching your lives...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. November 14th, 2018

How to find good sponsors and partners

As you are starting to have more influence, new opportunities arise. In this case, sponsors and partners will start becoming available to you. You need to be prepared and aware, because bad opportunities will appear among them, trying to squeeze your influence or trap you with a badly configured contract. If you are not the best legal reader, ask a friend or family member to...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. November 9th, 2018

Joining the Twitch Affiliate program

If you are a small streamer on the Twitch platform, you will at some point be invited to join their affiliate program. This will be a short breakdown of what it is, requires and how it benefits your livestreams. Just as you are invited, a happy feeling of being acknowledged and approved of may rise inside you. Which is your right, and you should feel good about it. Just be a...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. November 8th, 2018

How to manage your finances

Your brand value is going up and you are reaching a position where donations may be a thing. Maybe you are just starting and want to know about handling your finances. To keep this information relevant to most parties, it is going to be broad. Not all methods may be relevant to you or your finances. Making money has more sides to it, just because money has been delegated to...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. November 3rd, 2018

Doing GiveAways the right way

At some point do most people want to do a giveaway in hope of gaining attention. Maybe you just want to give back to your viewers and followers. In this article, we are going to look at the good and bad practices and of course, various terms to consider. You probably see a lot of giveaways, contents and attention callers these days, as more people are joining every day. Befo...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. November 1st, 2018

Find graphic that suits your brand

A few streams have passed and you are starting to get a grip on posting stuff your social media. Now it is time you define your brand visually, which gives your audience an impression or experience on its own. You may not end up with the next Swoosh (Nike Logo) that everyone knows. You will, however, need to make some sort of recognizable graphic for the viewers to notice you....

Alex MrBetaSkull W. October 29th, 2018

Brand awareness on Social Media

You maybe have a couple of followers or even 50 and has some of them to return to your stream. Now you need to make awareness to the general people of you and your livestream. Even if your livestream not using your personal name, you need personal branding to make people interested. If you are a team behind the stream, you all need to individually raise awareness of who you are...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. October 27th, 2018

Your first viewers and followers

The hard truth that most are not prepared for, is that you may not encounter anyone other than yourself. Depending on how well you brand yourself or are to have friends to help you, it may take a couple of streams before people watch along. Livestreaming is a subcategory of the entertainment business. This means that you have to step up and be someone your viewers want to wa...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. October 23rd, 2018
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