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Make a schedule that works for you

It is absolutely easier just to go live whenever you have the time and feel for it. Which is what a lot of streamers do when they first start out. It gives a lot of freedom to decide for yourself. Unfortunately, it also makes a lot of room for people to select other streamers instead of you. If you are wondering why then you have probably not seen too many smaller streamers...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. October 22nd, 2018

Third-party integrations and services - Chatbot, Alerts and Donations

You have probably seen another stream already and then you saw a pop-up on the screen when someone subscribes, donates or another thing integrated to pop-up. It is a great way of giving people a short time of fame when interacting with the stream. These pop-ups are called Alerts and can be provided by multiple services. The other part you probably notice rather fast is that...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. October 19th, 2018

What broadcasting software should you use?

If you have an idea of what content you want to produce and have thought about how it all should go along, finding the right broadcasting software is the next step. In just a minute, you will learn about different broadcasting software. This article is based on statements, personal experience, and the overall market opinion. We recommend that you try more than one of the fol...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. October 17th, 2018

The 3 most common streaming platforms

Livestreaming is growing rapidly day by day, new platforms will show up and some of them goes out of business. Some platforms try to expand into the industry to compete with the well-established platforms. Today you will get some insight into the 3 most common platforms for livestreaming. Look at different aspect and trying to help you understand which one suits your channel...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. October 16th, 2018

The minimum recommended machine hardware (Single-PC)

Running a livestream requires a few things to get started. If you want to be live on the go, most phones can through an APP livestream to various platforms. This will not need much hardware or equipment, but more on that soon! Are you on the other side planning on a gameplay channel, or maybe a place to show your photo/video editing skills. This requires more from your hardw...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. October 11th, 2018

Important questions to ask yourself before you start livestreaming

The idea of running a great channel and being the entertainer can be intriguing. Seeing yourself having thousands of viewers, subscribers, and invitations to various events. The dream is real, but most people forget that livestreaming is a part of the entertainment industry. Which is a very difficult and tough industry to participate and compete in. Starting a livestream can...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. October 6th, 2018
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