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Brand awareness on Social Media

You maybe have a couple of followers or even 50 and has some of them to return to your stream. Now you need to make awareness to the general people of you and your livestream. Even if your livestream not using your personal name, you need personal branding to make people interested. If you are a team behind the stream, you all need to individually raise awareness of who you are and what your values and intentions are.

Branding is all about making a feeling of who you are and more importantly what you stand for. No matter how or to whom you are marketing, you have to stay true to these values. If you are a great lover of Strategy games and social communication, make sure to fulfill these needs. If your partner(s) values other things, they make sure to meet these values.

How to get going

You have an idea of what kind of persona(s) you want to be and what your core intentions and values are. Now you need to find your audience within these values. Even if people do not directly share your values, you can catch a fish if they respect your values.

Now, to get everything going, make sure to have a facebook page and twitter profile for your solid brand. If you are a single person, YOU are the solid brand. You need to sell You to the people, they are not just going to watch you for great gameplay for perfect humor. Make sure you (or your persona) connect with like-minded viewers, even as you do not need to get personal with them.

Important media spaces

If you want to do great coverage for your current and potential viewers, make sure you are using the same platforms as they are. If your targeted audience is on Instagram, make sure to post there. If you do not know what to post, make sure to figure it out.

If you can use hashtags then study which tags will gain knowledge of you and/or your brand and then use them. Get in touch with your viewers as they reach out to you, a simple response will make them feel welcome and warmed to engage more. If you were to write to someone and they replied within a short time span, you would feel important and welcome. Make sure your followers meet the same type of responsiveness and gratitude you would want from others.

If you are on a platform that allows you to turn off messaging, like Facebook, you are free to turn it off. If it is not an option, check it once a day or each other day. You do not have to replay as they contact you, but do not let weeks pass by.

Empower yourself by engaging

Make sure to ask questions and let your audience have some sort of say in what is going on. They do not need to determine something major or important but asking them something will create great engagement. If you are going to an event, make a simple "Who is going to X" or "I am going to X, are we meeting?" with a "Yes", "No" and "Maybe" responses.

Even when it gains no real value, it gives your following a sense of care and importance to be drawn into your brand. Make sure to use that if possible and as often you can ask something. You can not engage too much with your audience and you can certainly not make everyone happy. If people are not amused by your posts or questions, they will either skip it or at some point unfollow you on that specific platform. This does not necessarily mean they will be lost to your brand entirely.

Think about it, you probably have a favorite store to buy certain stuff from without following them on social media?

Released on October 27th, 2018
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