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Buy the matching domain name when you can

In the early stages it might not seem too important to own the related domain name for at livestream or other content-creating brands. It is easy to see why people would wonder why they should so let us take a look at the possibilities and secure for future ideas or usage.

If you are serious about your livestream, then buying the matching domain as either .com or .net can be essential later on as you grow your online brand. When you reach a size where you start having a team or the online trolls start taking a piece of your identity — having a website can be the source of information.

It does also give you the opportunity to use branded emails instead of Google Mail, Outlook or other free-to-use services. If you someday expand to selling merchandise or want to grow an email list or other business related; having a website is just a great base to build the solution.

What should this website contain?

It should basically be whatever you want it to be. If you don't know what you want to be on there yet, simply redirect it to your twitch, facebook or somewhere else to follow you. You can also use it for short links like goes to

Short links can also be used as and then redirect them to the actual affiliate link. Also named "Pretty Links" when people use non-visual affiliate links to link affiliated content. Just be aware of the laws. Go here if you want to know more about Affiliate marketing?

Why you should collect emails already!

It sounds a little old school, but collecting emails for an email list from start sounds like dinosaur stuff to do for some. The reason behind is to give you an advantage later on. It gives you the possibility to promote an upcoming event, new videos on Youtube or letting people know you appreciate their support.

Having the emails of your viewers also gives you some sort of ownership of your viewers, as you are able to reach them if your streaming platform is down or computer stops working. Some people have managed to keep their brand relevant by sending emails to their viewers to let them know why they are not active or live as planned.

Released on December 17th, 2018
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