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Find graphic that suits your brand

A few streams have passed and you are starting to get a grip on posting stuff your social media. Now it is time you define your brand visually, which gives your audience an impression or experience on its own. You may not end up with the next Swoosh (Nike Logo) that everyone knows. You will, however, need to make some sort of recognizable graphic for the viewers to notice you.

If you are not into graphics design and knows how to mix colors or shaping stuff fashionable, there is help to be found! There is quite a lot of livestream designers out there. You should research the market and understand what kind of graphic the artist is making before you order something. Every artist has their unique signature, which can be seen through most if not all of their work.

How to prioritise

As a small streamer, your 3 most important graphics are your logo, overlay, and panels. Everyone has a logo and based on your name you can determine if it has to use certain elements or if you are free from attachments. If your name is "MonsterDogSkeleton" you may need some sort of dog and skeleton based graphics. If you are name is "UnitedKillShot" you are more detached from certain elements and can have whatever you desire as logo.

Logo is your most important asset, as it should be used on your streaming platform, social media and as avatar wherever you are able to promote yourself. You should use the name and logo wherever possible in relation to your type of content. Despite all the talk about gaming, you could be doing fashion or regular cooking shows. Just make sure to brand yourself properly and as much as possible to be remembered and recognized across platforms.

Your overlay

When your logo is done, you should get yourself an overlay. If you do not have any elements on the screen beside from the gameplay, you do not need that much done. If you have a webcam or want to show names of latest follower or donator, make sure to frame that with great looking graphics.

If you are a gaming content producer, you should consider getting a few layouts where stuff is placed differently. This helps you prevent covering critical informative areas in different games as you go along. If the game has subtitles, try not to cover them, so people can read along if your game sounds are lowered to clear your microphone.

If the artist will do you an extra, ask for an offline screen. This is the image that people will meet when they go to your stream and you are not live. This could have text like "Follow me to get notified as I go live" or show other platforms to find you, such as social media.

The panels

If you are choosing a platform that has panels, like Twitch, you will need panel headers. Panels are the small information and link boxes found below your stream. You can either have a text-based title or an image, whereas images are preferred by the general audience to keep everything related to the on-going theme (Logo and Overlay).

Released on October 29th, 2018
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