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How to brand yourself as a livestreamer

It is not common for livestreamers to think about themselves as a brand and it is easy to understand why. Unfortunately, it can also be the differentiator between why they succeed or fail as a livestreamer. To learn how this can influence your success, let us look into what branding is.

It is essential to understand what a brand is, to have any influence on it. To define what you stand for and why it matters. How you want people to perceive you or your company is called brand influence. In other words, this is how you are trying to make people connect a meaning or feeling with you or your business.

What is a brand?

You have probably heard it thousands of times that you need a strong personal brand to help you grow, but never really understood it fully. When you think of a brand, do you then think about the business? Or do you think about what it stands for, its values? By the end of the day, you relate to what they stand for and why they do what they do.

What does my brand currently look like?

You need to look inwards and learn your reputation to understand your current brand values and learn how to improve it. Once you know what people think of you and feels towards you; that is when you learn what it takes to change their mind to the better.

Have you ever asked a service employee for help and got the feeling they do not care? Next time you get back there, you unknowingly hope they are not there or do not want their help. It only takes one bad experience to ruin a great experience. So how do they earn back your trust? How do they make you feel appreciated and forget the bad experience? Now ask yourself:

Be one with your brand

When you know where you are and where you want to go; next step is to figure out how to make the transition. Take out some time to define who you are, who you want to be and most importantly who you are not going to be.

Now think very hard about why you are doing what you are doing. Understand than branding is no longer about who you want to be, but who you want people to want you to be. How do people identify themselves with you, your business, or your cause.

I guess you have some thinking to do, so let us take a short listen to the great Steve Jobs and his excellent explanation of what branding is.

Released on July 20th, 2019
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