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How to create and use a Facebook page

It is never too early to start appointing your followers and viewers and turn them into "customers". In this case, a customer is a person who is or later on will subscribe to you or otherwise financially support you in other ways than donations. The reason donations are not interpreted as a product or service to the viewers, if because of its free of will gift to you. You should not sell a donation, as this will turn it into a product or service, which you are liable to perform depending on the laws in your country of residence.

The very first step is, of course, to find out what kind of page we are going to have. Lets head over to the Create a Facebook Page and see out options. You are welcome to look into each category and see which one you want.

It is difficult to make a complete guide and setup that suits the need of everyone, as people have different setups. If you are just starting and only want to use Facebook for news, live notifications and changes along the way. "Cause or Community" is a simple starter structure without too much information required to get started. If you are a business from start, "Brand or Product" and then "Video Game" could be a fit for you. Once you find the category that suits you, enter your name and click "Get Started".

As the page is created, you will automatically be redirected to it on Facebook and be assigned as administrator of the page. If you leave the page, it will be listed in the left menu, on the front page. If it is not directly visible or easily accessible, find the menu "Pages" and you will see a list of all your pages.

The quick setup

Now do a quick setup to be ready for your followers and viewers to check out, as you can fully customize and update it later on if changes are to be made. Go to your page settings, which is found at the top of your page if you open it. The very basic settings to change under General is the following:

Visitor Posts, which allows people to write posts on your page that everyone else can read and comment on. Our recommendation is to turn it off, so you are in control of what is posted and to be said. This way it is also easier for you to stay out of hate-speech and other kinds of trash talk towards you or your brand. This does not stop them from spamming the comments section, but there is a way to block them (Explained later!).

Audience Optimization for Posts is a great way for you to target specific viewers at certain posts. Let us say you want to write a post only or mainly for your female audience, you are able to limit the post visibility only to them. You can also write posts for your mature audience, as you can set an age range. At last, you can choose specific languages or countries. All this is based on the profile information of your followers and should be played with to understand fully.

The next feature is something you have to decide for yourself. Messages allows people to write your page as you write to friends on Facebook. It can be a great way for certain people to get in touch, but also a way for haters or trolls to get through. Be prepared for the bad stuff just as much as the good if turning it on.

Lets move along to Age and Country Restrictions as this can be a feature and a disadvantage. If you know from the start your stream is going to be "Rated Mature", setting the age up to 18+ or 21+ is a great start. If people are younger than a page age restriction, it appears as not existing and they will not be able to see it nor its posts. Same goes for countries, but try only to block countries you want no business with or has a high probability of spamming you or have fake accounts.

The last feature we want to change now, is Comment Ranking, which will show popular comments on top. This is a great way to show engagement and opt people to write, as it seems the posts with reactions are more popular. It will, however, disregard of when a comment is written and they may disappear between the many.

If you stream in another language than your native tongue, enabling Post in Multiple Languages can suit you, as it allows you to write a post in a "for everyone" language and then a specific language. People will see the default post if their settings are not set properly to see the alternative language.

Visual Setup

Now that your backend settings are configured, let us have a quick run-over of the visual tabs. Going to "Edit Page", right below the "General" tab under settings. You can quickly edit a template, and have tabs most commonly used by various page themes. No matter what preset/theme you chose, we highly recommend you to drag "About" to the top of your list. This makes it easy and simple for users to find it.

It is time to change the things people see on the page. Clicking "Page" in the top will take you back if you are still in the settings. First, we want to upload a photo, which will be shown with all of our posts and associate them with the page. Make sure the "profile picture" is easily recognizable in smaller sizes. If the image is not squared on upload, Facebook will let you crop the desired area to fit the squared space. We recommend using the logo of your brand, or a photo of yourself if it is a personal brand.

Next find a lovely photo that fits into the banner. If you want to crop it before uploading, go for the minimum size of 820px wide and 312px high. You can also upload a short video clip, but then you need to convert it down to a small file-size for Facebook to accept it. However, the requirements to upload a video banner is a minimum of 820 wide and 312px high and by facebook recommended to be 820px wide and 452px high and fit in between 20 and 90 seconds long. If your video is much bigger or longer than 90 seconds, you need to convert it down to fit. Videos can be looped or set to show the last frame at end of the video, as some sort of intro.


Once you are happy with the visual impression of your page, head over to the "About" section the left-side menu. As different page categories have different setups of information you can provide, have a look and fill out the necessary ones. We recommend adding a short "About" text and then add your social media to the links. If you want to visibly have a contact email, put that in as well.

At last, go over the different settings, about information and the visual impression one last time to make sure you are satisfied. If it is your very first time running a facebook page, and you are not used to posting on one. Make sure to use it regularly and try not to fade away. The best way to stay relevant is to post relevant stuff and to post regularly. You do not need to post daily or multiple times a day, but once or twice a week as a very minimum (You are excused at vacations and other off-times).

If possible, try and change your page name to your brand name under About -> Username. Sometimes Facebook allows you to do it on your first page right from start. Other times it needs to meet certain requirements of 100 followers. When you feel done, go to the "home" section and copy the URL to use on other media and in the twitch panels.

Released on November 17th, 2018
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