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How you can use email marketing with livestreaming

Some people would suggest the email marketing is either dead or does not belong/work with livestreaming. I believe you can use livestreaming to persuade potential viewers and nurture existing viewers. All from a simple setup of emails! So how would this work if you compare it to traditional email marketing? Close enough to be the same thing except for the narrative. This is what you can achieve by a simple email list:

That was just a few things to mention. If you spin it right then email marketing could be your primary connection with your audience whenever you are not livestreaming - or even then with the viewers unable to show up. Just know that email marketing can be whatever you make it but influenced by how the receivers comprehend the information and feel about it.

First step is to get yourself an emailing list

Starting your own email list can be done in several ways but will eventually cost money. If you take a website like MailChimp that allows you to up to 2.000 subscribers (People on the list) before they start charging money from it. This can be a great way to start a list, play around with it and maybe have a few trusted friends on the list until it works as intended.

If you have to watch 50 videos on youtube about using the email provider you choose then do that. Know all about it before you go public to give people the best experience possible. The very first thing you need to get down is a GDPR-Signup process confirming that people have signed up and want emails from you.

Introduce yourself and the brand to new subscribers

Once people have subscribed and gone through the whole GDPR process it is time to introduce yourself. This should be suited to your audience in a way they feel a part of the community and not a sales funnel - even though the purpose is selling yourself/your stream to them.

You can also use this introduction to expose your social media and youtube channel - maybe even have it link one of your popular videos to catch their interest. If you have a somewhat fixed schedule week-by-week then let that in there too to remind them. The overall goal with this introduction is to make them feel like knowing you a little better to connect with you and your community.

Send emails on a regular basis

Do not send emails because you have it but because you have something to say or share. You need to find a balance between the importance and relevance of the emails you are sending. If you post videos on youtube or go live on twitch every day but one then you should not email daily with that. Then you can send an email with the schedule of next week and/or an email of the released youtube videos this as a weekly overview.

If you have a special stream coming up then make a separate email series for that. You can post about it in good time and with short notice to make sure people are notified about it. Did someone make a great clip from one of your streams then send that out too - just be careful not to send it too soon or without context.

Use the list in emergencies and own the data yourself

A streamer once turned from disappearing to saving his stream by sending out an email clarifying his absence was due to an electrical outage. You can send emails out through Twitch but this solution is not suited to perform like an actual email list. Running your own email list also gives you direct access and ownership of your followers; allowing you to go anywhere with it also outside of twitch. Do not let them solely own your viewers and have the power to remove them from one day to another.

Released on January 14th, 2019
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