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Make yourself a business email for your brand

When your stream starts growing it will be useful to have a designated way for companies and other brands to contact you strictly for business purposes. This will help you separate your brand from your personal life - even if you are them both.

If you have a domain matching your brand name we recommend that you use either business@ or contact@ as they are the most commonly known addresses. They are easy for others to understand its purpose of use. If you do not have an email server with the domain, I recommend that you check out Gmail with G Suite for only €4 monthly - it even gives you access to a Google Drive with 30 GigaByte storage and prevent in-mail location tracking.

As a livestreamer you need all the help you can get with Anti-Doxxing to protect yourself from online trolls and haters finding personal and potentially sensitive information. This requires you to be cautious about who is sending you the email and where do its links go or how legit are the files they attached.

How to prevent being doxxed through email

First you need to set up some rules and guidelines for yourself in order to prevent being an easy doxxing target. If you are not using a service like Gmail, the first step should be to disable autoloading of images. If you open an email that loads an image from an external server, this image could be used to track the IP-Address of the computer loading the photo.

The second step is to be on the lookout when the email contains links as some links can be re-routed through a data-snipper - which is then used to get your IP-Address or even a direct geographic location of you. If you want to make sure where a link takes you, right click on it and choose "Copy Link Address" and then put it into a text document or pass it through to see where it ends at (Does not show redirecting sites in-between).

How to construct business emails

You need to understand the basics of writing a proper business email as these are meant to look professionally intended. Companies and businesses may not take you seriously if your emails are too casual or personally influenced. You have to think about the emails being sent from the brand and not from you personally - which makes a huge difference if the receiver is not working with you personally.

Your email should always start off by addressing the receiver by brand name or personal name if you are contacting someone directly. Next, you need to introduce yourself, the purpose of the email and what you are looking to accomplish with the email. Then you can go in depth explaining the aspect of your email. After that, you would like to summarize the email very briefly and turn it into a hook of appreciating them reading the email.

Last you need a signature that identifies who you are and what role you play within the brand. If your email contains sensitive information, files or is build with an HTML template then some countries require you to have a disclaimer in the bottom of the email. This is why some emails contain a short text telling you to inform the sender and delete the email if you are not the intended receiver or stating that they have taken precautions and is not reliable for any damage/harm through their email.

Don't use it for personal purposes

These business emails should not be used for personal things like subscription services or sending stuff to friends etc. The only personal use of a business email should be when sending stuff from the business email to your own personal email - unless the content is sensitive or otherwise should not be shared outside the business environment.

Using your business email for personal services is also a big NoGo as they can lead back to your personal information. All it takes is the right person goes to find the service and click the "forgot my password" and that service may leak personal information such as your name or parts of your phone number or other information. Business emails are strictly for business and not personal usage.

Released on December 29th, 2018
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