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Support a Creator - Become a Fortnite Affiliate

Did you know that Epic Games wants to support Content Creators who play their AAA-Game Fortnite? Now you have the possibility of becoming an affiliated content creator with them a earn money when other people spend money and referrer you to their spending habits. We know, it sounds too good to be true, but it is!

Epic Games have launched a platform where people can support their favorite affiliated creator; simply by plugging in a unique code to their shop before they spend their precious V-Bucks.

So.. How does it work?

The process is rather simple, once you are approved will Epic Games provide you with a unique code. Your community and supporters can add this code to their store. When a person adds a creator-code to their store, it will stay there for approximately 14 days and then they would have to re-apply the code to continue supporting you.

Their shop is not locked to the user as they can remove or change it at any time, but the V-Bucks the spend, while your creator-code is applied, will be accumulated towards you.

How much does a Creator earn?

The process is rather simple if you know the basic mathematics behind. They tell you that 10.000 V-Bucks is equivalent to $5. That means 1 V-Buck has a value of $0.0005 per piece for you as an affiliated creator.

You are not paid by how many V-Bucks the user purchases to their account while your creator-tag is applied. Your commission is based on how many they spent in their shop purchasing things with their V-Bucks. If you want to use the financial term: You get paid $0.0005 for every V-Buck they transact in their store.

How do I apply to become a Creator?

Epic Games have launched an official website to where you will need to log in with your account. Then you go through the application to where you receive a unique verification code. This code is to be applied on your media platforms so an Epic employee can validate that you own the channel/account.

When you are validated and approved you will be provided with this unique creator-code and a referral link. You can then share the code for use or the link to your pages and then people can click it and add it to their store through that — with consent from the user to avoid bad conduct.

Want to apply for a chance to become an affiliated creator? Go to their SUPPORT-A-CREATOR PROGRAM and click the big blue "Apply Now" button.

December 2nd, 2018
Alex MrBetaSkull W.