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The 3 most common streaming platforms

Livestreaming is growing rapidly day by day, new platforms will show up and some of them goes out of business. Some platforms try to expand into the industry to compete with the well-established platforms.

Today you will get some insight into the 3 most common platforms for livestreaming. Look at different aspect and trying to help you understand which one suits your channel best. Some people make use of multiple platforms, just be aware that some platforms will take action against your channel if you stream the same content to multiple platforms.

YouTube Gaming

Most people know of YouTube, which makes it a great opportunity to reach billions of people as they have almost 2 billion people visiting their site monthly. You have a great opportunity, but on a platform like this you also meet a lot of competition.

If you are going to produce gaming content, you will be published to 2 different sections. Everything will be posted on the regular site of YouTube, where all videos are in the deep sea of all other videos on there. Gaming content does, however, also go up on YouTube Gaming.

YouTube Gaming is a section of YouTube with only gaming-related content. You will only find content that contains gameplay or otherwise is related to gaming. If your video category is "Gaming" it will go there, and if you also tag the game, it will be shown in relevant searches too.

YouTube is a great place for your livestream if you are also uploading videos and gathering a following on their platform. The more people who follow you, the greater chance you have to gain new viewers and followers.


The most common platform for livestreaming is Twitch. It originally started as a simple website for people to go live with their webcam and talk with people viewing them. Some people figured out how to share their screen and as it grows larger they created a new site for gaming streams.

They called it Twitch, and after a couple of years the platform was so big they decided to close the original site to fully focus on Twitch. Today it is a well know place for people to start streaming anything from gaming to social eating and even ASMR.

Running a stream on this platform is rewarding for people who have viewers, as streams are ordered from most viewers down to no viewers. They are focusing on making it a great monetization platform for people to earn money while producing live content.

Compared to YouTube is your channel basically fighting with all other channels for the spotlight. People can look op certain games with the desired language, but in the aftermath, you are promoted by how many viewers you have.


Microsoft is also trying to be a part of the live scene with they entered by buying the streaming website "Beam" and rename it as "Mixer" and brand it as their own. The website has some unique features that are not to be found on either YouTube or Twitch.

Mixer gives you the opportunity to personalize your stream in various ways. You can on all platforms control what is shown on the screen output, but on mixer you have the possibility of making interactive buttons.

Some streams have RGB lights in the background and allow you to change the color through these interactive buttons. The streamer can decide if it should be free or cost a certain amount per interaction. It gives you some sort of freedom if you know how to write a little code, either by yourself of from finding a pre-written code online.

Released on October 16th, 2018
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