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Third-party integrations and services - Chatbot, Alerts and Donations

You have probably seen another stream already and then you saw a pop-up on the screen when someone subscribes, donates or another thing integrated to pop-up. It is a great way of giving people a short time of fame when interacting with the stream.

These pop-ups are called Alerts and can be provided by multiple services. The other part you probably notice rather fast is that almost all streams have a donation option through an external site to the platform they are streaming on.

You can find all sorts of integrations and services to run along with your livestream, but this time we will primarily focus on those providing alerts and external donations.

Stream Elements

One of the most integrated and hosted serviced out there is Stream Elements. With them you do not need any hosting or knowledge of setting up anything but how to connect stuff and add browser sources in your broadcasting software.

They give you all from advanced bot features to a simple donation platform. They even allow your viewers to earn points from various things, such as view-time or money donated. Then you can create a point store where people can then use these points. If you just want a gimmick in the chat, switch on gambling and let people bet points against the odds and potentially double or triple the betted amount, if they don't lose that is.

You can have as many bots in your chat as you want, as long as they do not conflict by filters and such. Go check out Stream Elements at and check out their features now!


Streamlabs is known for being one of the first web-based alert services. It started out with the name "TwitchAlerts" as they focused on one primary platform, but have later on changed name and started supporting more platforms.

If you want a platform that focuses a lot on assembling everything into one platform, all from alerts to a self-hosted bot, which has a ton of great features and you can extend with a little coding knowledge. Some people have one made a bot that interacts with the Streamlabs bot because of its features.

Regarding donations, they give you 2 options to receive donations. The first one is the popular utilization of PayPal; where you can send and receive money in an instant and never really have to think about it. The other option is to sign up with them and be able to receive direct credit card and debit card payments.

You should go signup and check out their tools to see if this suits you. Go to and learn much more about them.


Now this is not an "all in one" box, not even close. Nightbot is one of the first chatbots that was web-based and available to the masses. It gives you the capabilities of setting up filters to maintain the chat automated. You can filter certain users off the filter and add commands for people to type and receive an answer.

If you utilize all of its features, you will also get access to do GiveAways that requires people to type a word in the chat to join and activate Sound Request; allowing people to control the music on the stream. Find them at

Released on October 19th, 2018
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