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This is why you are struggling to become a Twitch Affiliate

Why is it that we care more and more about our personal statistics when in reality your stream is not being greater by having Affiliate or because you have 1.000 Followers. In fact, the only thing that makes a difference is your active viewers and supporters as your so wanted subscribe button does nothing without people to click it.

About 3 years ago I would probably understand all the excitement about becoming Affiliate because most streamers stood to gain from it. Today it has become some sort of "Made it" statement for many, which makes no sense. You still need to gain attention to reach your potential viewers and produce content good enough for them to stick around.

Affiliate status on Twitch will not help you or the stream if there is no one to subscribe or cheer bits.

Your primary focus should be on the viewers, no matter if it is getting all the lurker or the most active chatters out there. You need eyeballs on your stream, eyeballs that potentially turn into subs, cheer's or donators - even if that is not the primary goal of having those viewers.

You need viewers to succeed!

I understand that you want to be a part- or full-time streamer making money off of it, but you need to understand that this money comes from people and not thin air. There is basically no business that makes money before they provide value; either through providing services or products. Sure some people earn more than others from fewer viewers, but that all comes down to your income sources and margins.

We can talk about margins and the overall business another time, right now you need to focus Not on the money, but on your target audience. You should be asking yourself a ton of questions and then act upon them!

» What kind of people do I want to watch my livestream?

Just like any business should you sit down and make yourself a target group. These are going to be the primary people that you will try to appeal your stream too. The collateral of producing great content for a targeted audience is that people will be curious about you if your content matches their interests.

» How am I going to reach and gain these peoples attention?

Now that you know your targeted audience it is time to understand what interests them. You need to figure out how to appeal to them and make them curious about you. Make them come by your stream.

» How do you attain the people when they come by?

You have reached your audience and made them come by, now how do you attain their interest and hopefully turn them into viewers? The thing here is that you need to focus on engaging with them if they are active or to make them feel welcome if they are lurking. Don't try to pull them out of their comfort zone in the shadows as some people prefer not to be seen.

Running a livestream is much more than just going live and play video games or whatever content you are streaming. You need to get out there and find your audience, especially if you are a Twitch streamer because they have no metrics to help small streamers to be seen down in the bottom of the list - which is most likely where you will be when starting out.

Released on January 26th, 2019
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