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Essentials Analysis Marketing

This is why you are struggling to become a Twitch Affiliate

Why is it that we care more and more about our personal statistics when in reality your stream is not being greater by having Affiliate or because you have 1.000 Followers. In fact, the only thing that makes a difference is your active viewers and supporters as your so wanted subscribe button does nothing without people to click it. About 3 years ago I would probably underst...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. January 26th, 2019

5 things you could put on your brands website

If you have not yet considered getting yourself a website then here goes a couple of great ideas to why it could be a good idea. We do recommend you buy your domain name regardless if you have any use for it - yet. This gives you control of it and the ability to utilize it later on if not now. So what are these ideas to put on a website that maybe could make me invest the ti...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. January 20th, 2019

How the whole "Copyrighted Music" is affecting you

You have probably had an awesome livestream only to see that the sound has been removed from major parts of the VOD afterward and therefore have no material to download and re-publish on fx Youtube. This is primarily because of copyrighted music playing in the background. The harsh truth is that if you are not licensed or approved to use copyrighted music then you are breaki...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. January 16th, 2019

How you can use email marketing with livestreaming

Some people would suggest the email marketing is either dead or does not belong/work with livestreaming. I believe you can use livestreaming to persuade potential viewers and nurture existing viewers. All from a simple setup of emails! So how would this work if you compare it to traditional email marketing? Close enough to be the same thing except for the narrative. This is wha...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. January 14th, 2019

This is how I would start streaming in 2019

I know there is plenty of articles telling you how to do 2019 right and this is not one of them. This is my personal view of how I would start streaming in 2019 based on what I know today compared to back then. Just be aware that I am very business minded and my approach will be very professionally influenced. This is the steps I would take before I really start digging into ac...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. January 9th, 2019

Always activate two-step-authentication when it is available

We are living in a modern world where it is no longer enough to think you have a strong password as it only takes 1 bad website to crack it. Either by spoofing the real website or by social engineering you when unaware. Another place it comes in handy is when livestreaming as people would still need access to your phone or email to actually login in case you spoil the password...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. January 7th, 2019

How to green screen your webcam and color correct it properly

It is common for streamers to utilize a green screen to free up space from their webcam; to hide a messy background or having the freedom of creating a more appealing background to suit their stream graphics. It can be done if you have great lighting and a proper flat-colored green wall or fabric to cover the whole webcam frame - if not then cut the webcam frame to match the gr...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. January 3rd, 2019

Make yourself a business email for your brand

When your stream starts growing it will be useful to have a designated way for companies and other brands to contact you strictly for business purposes. This will help you separate your brand from your personal life - even if you are them both. If you have a domain matching your brand name we recommend that you use either business@ or contact@ as they are the most commonly k...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. December 29th, 2018

X264 vs NVENC vs VCE - Which encoder should you use?

The internet have various opinions regarding these three encoders and which is the ultimate winner compared to the others. Not all encoders are born equally despite being determined by the same factors. Let us have a look at them all and then you can try them out for yourself and decide what works for you. Instead of going all technical about it, look at how it performs and...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. December 24th, 2018

How to budget your taxes

Receiving donations, royalties, affiliate and all these different sources of revenue, it is important that you know how your local tax system works so you do not end up as a fly between two nails. It has been seen before that a streamer or blogger suddenly owes back a lot of tax money because of ignorance. First you need to research the tax structure of where you are from to...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. December 21st, 2018

Buy the matching domain name when you can

In the early stages it might not seem too important to own the related domain name for at livestream or other content-creating brands. It is easy to see why people would wonder why they should so let us take a look at the possibilities and secure for future ideas or usage. If you are serious about your livestream, then buying the matching domain as either .com or .net can be...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. December 17th, 2018

Start your stream before you start streaming

This title may not make a lot of sense, but let me clarify why it makes perfect sense. Whenever you are going live, either randomly or because you follow a schedule. You should always aim to start your stream a couple of minutes ahead. By starting your stream ahead you give your followers a chance to notice that you are live and join your stream before all the fun starts. Th...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. December 13th, 2018

How to earn money with Affiliate Marketing

Before you go crazy about finding Affiliate Networks, let us first get to understand what it truly is and how it can benefit you without putting your viewers and supporters under the bus. It is easy to get lost in the idea of making money and therefore make some bad decisions. Just because you have the opportunity to make a little money from it should not stop you from being...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. December 10th, 2018

Should you change to PayPal Microtransactions?

You are probably wondering what "Microtransactions" is when talking about PayPal and we understand why. If you have just signed up for an account and connected it with your handshake/alert provider then you probably don't know much about the PayPal Fees in general. PayPal is known for their extremely simple "plug and play" integrations, even though it can be a nightmare for...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. December 6th, 2018

Support a Creator - Become a Fortnite Affiliate

Did you know that Epic Games wants to support Content Creators who play their AAA-Game Fortnite? Now you have the possibility of becoming an affiliated content creator with them a earn money when other people spend money and referrer you to their spending habits. We know, it sounds too good to be true, but it is! Epic Games have launched a platform where people can support t...

Alex MrBetaSkull W. December 2nd, 2018
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