Important questions to ask yourself before you start livestreaming

Livestreaming is slowly becoming a thing that people understand and recognize as entertainment.

The minimum machine requirements (Single PC)

People are often asking about their machine and how it will perform while livestreaming.

The different streaming platforms

Do you know what platforms there is out there, and which one should you choose to livestream on?

What broadcasting software to use?

What is the more popular softwares to broadcast with, and is it a match for me?

Third-party integration services (Alerts & Donations)

What provider should you use to show alerts with new followers, donations and what about a chatbot?

Making a schedule that works for you

Livestreaming requires a lot of consistency and predictability. Are you following at schedule and does it work for you?

Your first viewers and followers

How long does it take before the first people stop by, and how do you turn them into regulars?

Brand awareness on Social Media

As you start gaining traction, make sure to be remembered and to inform your followers through social media.

Find graphic that suits your brand

Having graphics that suits you and your brand and is recognizable by your current and potential followers is key!

Doing GiveAways the right way

Running a giveaway or contest has a lot of terms, guidelines and policies to follow. Get an overview of it all here!

How to manage your finances

As you start receiving money, you need to make sure to keep an eye out on your taxes, expenses and other stuff.

Join the Twitch Affiliate program

You will at some point encounter an invitation to join the Affiliate Program if you are a regular livestreamer on Twitch.

Expand and maintain your community

You are getting the grip on everything and now you want to focus upon growing your channel into further possibilities.

How to find good sponsors and partners

How does one earn money aside from donations, subscriptions and chat tokens as a livestreamer?

Do not forget your PR

If you are not big enough that people know who you are just by your name, you should work on your PR/Public Relations.

Watch your own VODs and improve your quality

The best way to improve your livestreams is by watching your previously produced content and improve upon that insight.

How to create and use a Facebook page

Having a facebook page for your livestream brand is a great way for you to inform your followers and viewers about your brand.

All you need to know about PayPal donations and oppositions

In what scenarios can a potential chargeback, refund request or other oppositions be knocked down and secured?

OBS: How to get started

It is time to get down to business and fire up the livestream. In this article, you get the basics of using OBS Studio,

OBS: Understand the canvas setup

You have just downloaded OBS and need to make a simple layout, this is how the basics work and how you take advantage of it.

Have a clean webcam

Is it really necessary for me to have a clean webcam on my lifestream?