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Hello there! I just want to notify you that we are using Cookies and trackers to run a functional website and improve it along the way. We respect your privacy, please select how you want to help us run this site. You can read more about it and change your preferences at our Privacy Policy.

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Privacy Policy

This page was revised at September 25th, 2018

We understand it if you are a little cautious about your online privacy. Therefore have we taken the time to explain how we collect, manage, store and handle your data. Please read the content of this page carefully to educate yourself.


We are always trying to improve the website to give you a better experience using it. To do this, we need to know how the website is used and interacted with. To know this, we have integrated Google Analytics to keep track of our users and how they navigate and interact with the website. Your session will be individually recorded, but we will not be able to connect this use to you specifically. If you want to know more, please read the Terms of Service by Google Analytics.


You are free to use an Ad- or Script blocker on our website to avoid advertisements. When using the website, third-party tracking services is used to help us identify our target audience and re-target them across third-party media. This is why you may see advertisements from us once visiting this website. You are to be aware that we are unable to individualise or directly identify you from this trackers data; but the tracking site may be able to if you are using their services, such as Facebook.

If you want to know more, please educate yourself on the Facebook Privacy Policy. If you do not want Facebook to show personalized advertisements, change it in the Facebook Ads Preferences; just be aware that you will see random and non-relevant ads by doing so.

We can only identify you by the information you directly or indirectly provide to us through this side and partnered sites. Such as signing up to our email newsletter, creating an account or perhaps joining a competition. The data that you provide with us directly is only used internally and can at any time be deleted per your request if not legally required from us to keep it stored.


Some of the links on our website is going through an Affiliate funnel, which means the website will know you are coming through us. This does not affect your experience of the linked site. If you buy something from the linked website we may receive a commission from referring you. We always try inform you about these links by writing "(*Affiliate)" after the link.

Informational security

All sensitive information collected and used on Livestream Guide will not be shared to third-party services without your exclusive permission. Non-sensitive information collected on Livestream Guide may be shared as analytical information and anonymously. Your information is safely stored within our system and any breach will be notified on email as soon as the breach is encountered and noticed.

Be aware that even if our system is breached and hackers may collect any information from our database or other storage points. All information, especially sensitive information, is highly encrypted and may not be decrypted by the hackers. It is however common notice to change your password if a breach happens and not to use the exact same password on too many platforms to prevent hackers from gaining access to multiple accounts.